Objectives – Himalayan BRI

Core Objectives :

Obviously, Himalayan –BRI council focuses on two aspects; namely

  • The sharing preservation and protection of Himalayan resources, which essentially promotes economic collaboration among Himalayan nations on connectivity with larger terms. The sphere focuses on ‘utilization and preservation’ of Himalayas.
  • The economic development of the region is another sphere, this includes ‘socio-economic as well as infrastructure connectivity along with financial and people connectedness.

The “Belt and Road” modality has been considered the most desired economic collaboration paradigm to develop this region. Himalayan –BRI council therefore, adopts the following strategic areas of ‘interventions and cooperation’ among intellectuals and academics.

  • Promotion of the understanding of the “Belt and Road Initiative” in the region.
  • Promotion of the ‘idea of the regional convention for protection and preservation of the Himalayas’.
  • Protection of the ‘ecological ambience of the Himalayas’.
  • Promotion of the concept of “Trans-Himalayan Economic Corridor”.
  • Promotion of the access of the common people to the development through agricultural modernization.
  • Promotion of “integration between South Asia and China” for economic development and regional peace and harmony.
  • Promotion of the ‘culture’ of working together through intellectual discourse and research among academics and think-tank of the region.